Standing on the shoulders of giants


I have a healthy respect for tradition and history in Lutherie.  However, I have no desire to adhere to it or replicate something that has already been done. I don't think there has ever been a better time to be in the market for a handmade guitar.  There are many amazing builders that are part of this open, sharing, and encouraging community.  I owe everything to the generosity and willingness to share information of the Luthiers that came before me.  Without them I would have no foundation to stand on.  That being said, it is my goal to build on what they have discovered.  I want to inject my unique personality and ideas into my instruments.  I want my instruments to stand out.  I want them to be different, but familiar.


LHT guitars are all a  little piece of my soul. I build each one from start to finish by hand.   From the hand drawn full scale blueprint at the beginning, to applying the finish, I obsess over every detail. 


I view myself as a craftsman not an artist.  While there may be some artistic value to the instruments that I create, the creation has a purpose outside of artistic value.   My guitars might not look like your average guitar but it is very important to me that they still look, sound, and feel like a guitar.  I want to create instruments for bold players who have not been able to find what they are looking for elsewhere.  I am open to new concepts or custom options on my existing models.  Contact me for a quote on your dream guitar.


 At this point in my journey I am particularly interested in carved top multi-scale instruments.  The arch top guitar has been evolving to fit the changing styles of music played on it since its birth and I see no reason that it should not continue to do so.   The complex voice and the note separation when playing chords makes the modern arch top an excellent candidate for any style of music. 


The Guitars



The "baroque"

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The "madrigal"

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The "fugue"

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Other projects





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