the “cadenza”

A virtuoso solo passage, usually near the end of a piece of music, often improvised, that provides a flourish to the piece and a chance for the soloist to show off.


The “Cadenza”

is my first model with a single scale length. It was my intent to create a more “traditional” instrument that is still unique and pushing my design forward. The symmetrical body shape and Venetian cutaway make the view from the back of the instrument very familiar, but things change when viewed from almost any other angle.

The arm bevel built into the carve of the top is one of my favorite features and was carried over from my Fugue model. It makes the area where the player’s forearm crosses the lower bout 1/2” thinner than the rest of the rim, but still allows the top to be braced in exactly the same way as a “Traditional” Archtop… A subtle but effective feature for adding to the player’s comfort. I also used the flowing/beveled sound hole design from the Fugue and applied it to both bass and treble sides. The result is a slightly more airy guitar with visually interesting lines and layers.


Standard Features:

  • Hand carved top and back

  • Arm Bevel built into the carve of the top

  • 16” lower bout

  • 3’ body depth

  • 1 3/4" nut width, 2 3/16" string spacing at the bridge

  • 12"-16" compound radius fingerboard

  • 14th fret neck joint

  • 22 frets

  • Bound body with top and side purfling

  • Bone nut

  • Intonated Ebony saddle

  • Venetian Cutaway

  • Body contour side sound holes

  • Carbon Fiber neck reinforcement

  • Allied Lutherie FlexStrong two way Trussrod

  • Bound fingerboard with top and side purfling

  • Bound headstock with top and side Purfling

  • Floating electronics

  • Custom Kent Armstrong Pickup

  • Ribbecke style hinged tailpiece

  • Gotoh 510 Mini tuners. 18:1 gear ratio

  • Nitrocellulose Lacquer finish