The Funkstick: Headless, multiscale, 8 string hybrid travel guitar

Evolution of a hybrid

The “Funkstick”

The “Funkstick” is a travel friendly version of the original NL-8. The NL-8 was created for Sonoma County 8 string guitarist Nate Lopez. A headless, multi scale, hollow body 8 string hybrid guitar. I must admit that it was an intimidating project. However, I think that being outside your comfort zone is a sign that you are headed in the right direction.

While on a tour in Hawaii, Nate contacted me about the possibility of creating a travel friendly version of the NL-8 for an upcoming trip to Europe. The “Funkstick” is exactly that. A minimalist hybrid guitar built as small as possible, while still remaining functional. The collapsable/ removable leg rest and strap mount mimic the ergonomic body shape of the original NL-8 without the body. It also has the same custom EMG electronics and headless hardware as the NL-8, but in a much smaller package.

As a guitar builder, I am very thankful to have crossed paths with a musician like Nate. He is a great player, a cool dude, and has had his hands on just about every kind of guitar that ever was. Nate’s knowledge, unique needs, and vision as a player have pushed me to expand the way I think about the guitar. Evolution inevitably continues, but Nate has certainly accelerated mine.


The Specs

  • Myrtle Top and Back

  • 5 piece Alder and Maple neck/unibody

  • Birdseye Maple Fingerboard

  • Custom Allied Lutherie Flexstrong Trussrod

  • 8 strings (EAD bass) (ADGBE guitar)

  • Custom EMG pickups (3 string bass, 5 string guitar)

  • Separate outputs for Bass and Guitar strings with recessed volume controls for each

  • Headless hardware from T4M for standard ball end strings

  • 25"-29" Scale lengths

  • 34" Overall length

  • Bone Nut

  • 2'' Nut Width

  • 2 3/4" String Spacing at Bridge

  • Extra Jumbo Fret Wire

  • Hand rubbed Oil finish

  • Collapsible and removable Ebony leg rest

  • Collapsible and removable strap mount

  • Strap Locks